Custom-designed Hardware



FPGA- and processor-carrying boards including peripherals

  • highly sensitive measurement amplifier (voltages < 100μV) and precise filters

  • mixed-signal circuit design (including OpAmp, ADC, DAC, FPGA, Power-MOSFET, ...)

  • industrial equipment controls

  • ultrasound generator up to 50MHz

  • ultrasound measurement, analog or digital with AD-conversion and processing using FPGAs

  • controls for piezo-electric actuators

  • analog-to-digital (and vice versa) interfaces >250MS/s

  • analog and switching power amplifiers (class A, B, D)

  • sensor interfaces

  • measurement technology

  • power electronics

  • laser electronics

  • medical equipment

  • partial components and devices

  • redesign of outdated hardware with new components

  • digital:
    • FPGA Boards,
    • High speed Board Design
    • DDRx RAM
    • PCIe
    • Gigabit Ethernet
  • schematic conception, circuit design and layout

  • EMC- and safety testing

  • prototype and batch production

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