Projects of the abaxor engineering GmbH

Control device for medical equipment with Altera SoC and Cyclone V FPGA

  • concurrent inspection of FPGA and SoC
  • ECC DDR3-SDRAM 333 MHz- 2x GBit Ethernet and LVDS for external components
  • Linux operating system and custom FPGA design
  • AXI master over FPGA2SDRAM bridge for SDRAM access
  • AXI-LW slaves via LWHPS2FPGA bridge

Spartan 6 module for signal processing

  • image processing and transfer via Ethernet

  • Xilinx Spartan6 LX75 FPGA

  • 2x 128MiB DDR3-SDRAM 800MHz

  • 1x 100MBit/s Ethernet

  • FPGA design for image processing

  • UDP/IP stack in VHDL

  • custom AXI4 masters

Control for a testing device

  • HW/SW codesign
  • ARM Cortex M3 (LPC1754)
  • integrated display
  • drive control
  • One-Wire temperature sensors

Fibreoptic measuring and processing module (Fiber-Bragg-grating)

  • measurement system for industrial environment
  • analog signal conditioning
  • data processing with Altera Cyclone V SoC
  • transformer-based power supply
  • data transfer over WiFi
  • custom FPGA design, Linux and NIOS
  • custom AXI slaves and AXI LW slaves
  • CCD and SLD control

Trigger control electronics for light barrier evaluation

  • Atmel ATTiny microcontroller
  • USB interface

FPGA design for electronic excess-current protection

  • ProASIC3 von Mikrosemi
  • PCM Demodulator
  • FIR Filter
  • Kommunikation per SPI

Signal processing module for external sensor

  • using Altera cyclone V FPGA
  • LVDS-based communication
  • connectors to stack onto interface PCB

Industrial control interface component

  • interface board
  • Atmel AVR microcontroller
  • fixture data storage
  • engine hour indicator
  • access via RS485

Machine control device

  • piezo-electric sensor inputs
  • analog signal conditioning
  • frequency converter controller
  • user interface
  • Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA with MicroBlaze softcore processor

Interface adaptor for camera

  • excess voltage and inverse-polarity protection for the camera
  • far range input
  • RS232 interface

Additional peripherals for Infineon C167 processor

  • redesign of hardware components
  • advanced design of embedded software for C167

FPGA design for measurement and calculation of residual currents

  • Microsemi/Actel ProASIC5 (5x)
  • PCM demodulation (sinc-filter)
  • FIR Filter

Image data capturing system

  • hard- and software design
  • Altera Cyclone 4 FPGA
  • ARM Cortex M3
  • Gigabit-Ethernet

Ultrasound measuring system to detect mechanical tension in connecting components

  • stimuli with arbitrary signals up to 50 MHz
  • high-sensitivity echo amplification (46dB)
  • 250 MHz DA and AD conversion
  • Xilinx Virtex 5 FPGA
  • MicroBlaze softcore processor
  • Ethernet interface

PCIe plug-in board for industrial purposes

  • Xilinx Virtex 5 FPGA
  • multilayer PCB
  • Power PC architecture
  • Ethernet interface
  • running on embedded Linux

CAN interface extension for an industrial control

  • Lattice ECP2M
  • PCIe interface
  • CAN interface

Data capturing plug-in board

  • Microsemi/Actel ProASIC3
  • processing of rotary encoder signal
  • processing of analog 0-10V input

Laser controller for the generation of a position- and speed-dependent PWM

  • MicroSemi/Actel ProASIC3
  • processing of rotary encoder signal
  • processing of digital inputs

FPGA design for an industrial control

  • MicroSemi/Actel ProASIC3
  • processing of rotary encoder signal
  • processing of digital inputs

FPGA design for an image capturing device

  • Lattice XP2
  • capturing of images up to 3MPixels
  • resolution reduction
  • buffering of data
  • data transfer to host processor

Image source combinator for a TFT display

  • Xilinx Spartan 3A
  • image capturing of 2 individual sources
  • buffering
  • combination into one image
  • output stream to TFT display

Detection of leakage with ultrasound

  • leak detection at pressure < 100mbar
  • ultrasound measurement with piezo-eletric transducers, 16-channel
  • analog signal conditioning
  • PLC interface

Processing unit for a photon detector and counter

  • jitter-free compression and transfer of APD-signals
  • monitoring of photon count for safety shutdown
  • individual enabling for each single APD